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Sure it's been a long time since last time I posted something in this account. Things have been happening all this time...

Photography specially did take all my time and effort. Gladly I was able to finish it!! I was able to meet really nice and special people!! My classemates were one of the better things that could have happened to me!!! I'm so glad!!

Though I have not stopped drawing all this time!! I have been drawing some fanarts about Soul Eater (and other things). About this series, I participated in the Soma week that was created in Tumblr back in April. I posted all my drawings in Tumblr!! You can add me there if you want (I will post here some of the drawings I have there, but not all of them):

Also, I have kept more attention this time to my profession as an illustrator. So, I still use my old blog:… but I have also created just recently a Facebook Page for my Illustrations:… . Don't hesitate to follow it, because I'm posting there daily!!.

I'm trying to keep moving more and more around the internet, also, at the same time, it helps me to practice English (not as good, but I'm getting better, I swear!)..

I have too many things to tell you... better the next time^^

Thank you to all those who asked me sometime how I was doing, and sorry for the BIG delay!
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I DA and more ,)

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 2, 2011, 5:20 AM
I'ts been so long since last time I could use a Premium account... :tears:

Happy Birthday DA!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDD and thank you!!!^^

Let's to try it! What can I write about? XD no idea!!

Nowadays, I'm in holidays from school, I'm studing Photography, though I'm still a beginner ;__;. This year it was really hard, I had a lot of stress... sometimes I though I was going to faint OTL. Although I must tell, I'm really happy with my class, my classmates. They sure are the best!!^^. All of us try to help each other, I think that the classes being so hard and stressfull helped us a lot to create a good relationship among all of us (chering up each other, laughting... too many things!!^^) I can't wait to watch them again^^. I was really scared about not having a good relation ship with my classemates, I'm really happy about it^^.

I would like to show you their works, because of they sure are GOOD, but none of them have DA ;___;.

Also!! One of my classemates, is going to have a baby finishing this month or starting the next one. We still don't know the name of the boy, but I wanted to give her again my congratulations about it!! (what a surprise when you told us about it :heart:!!). It was a beautifull experience, to see how the baby was being more visible from her tummy month by month. All of us touching your tummy... so sweet!!.
She had really a bad time, specially the last weeks, with all the heat and having to go up all the stairs... she got really tired. We tried to help her always we could, but it was hard for her. So... :heart:Good luck Elisa!!!:heart: dunno if you will ever read it, but well... XD. We can't wait to watch the baby's face (even thougn we still have not seen him, we alredy love him :love:, I'm sure all of us think the same^^)!! You sure are a great classemate, for sure you will be an even more better mother. A big hug!! :hug:

Also, thank you very much to all the people how supports me IRL or through the web... THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! :heart:. I know I can be a pain, because of I'm too much negative, so, thank you very much for your patience with me!! I promise I will try my best to change, though it's hard for me><

At first I didn't know about what to talk... I'm sorry for you XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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It's been like... what? eight months whitout witing a journal?? XDDDD (bye bye to :icon3-keiko-chan-3:'s subcription ;___; )
It's very much me I think XD

Well, though I really doubt anyone to read my journal, I'm alive! and I'm starting a new stage in my live, so I'm excited!!. I'm nowadays studing Artist Photography!! Something a little new for me but that I really wanted to try it out, if not now, in a near future, and I though it was a good moment to do it!!

All is going good for now, sometimes I get a little stressed out and I start to think I'm not too good for it, that it's a little big for me... but it's like a challenge for me, so I hope I can learn a lot and do it good enough!! Ò__Ó. Although I did a year of Photgraphy in Illustration I still felt like if I were new in it, but I'm remembering things from that year and also learning new things I didn't know!!! I really want to do goos photographies, all about images fascinates me^^

About my classmates, it's going very well for now, I have a good relation with everybody, and I'm happy about it, because of it was something I was really scared about ;__;, not having a good or at least a cordial relationship with them and all that. So for now it's going good in that aspect... it looks like they appreciate me that much that they decided, by majority, for me to be their delegate^^U. I think it's strange, I was not the delegate when I was in Illustration, so why have I to be it now in Photography XDDDDDDD???

So, I'm thinking abaut to create another DA account to show there my photos... what do you think about it? do you have any ideas for the user?? I dunno who I should call it XDDDDDDD. I have been thinking about it because it would be a little confused to mix photos and drawings/fan-arts in a same gallery, my own gallery is a little messy now, I don't want it to be even more^^U

So, tell me what you think^^

Hope you all have nice days!! See you!! :hug:

Also, sorry for any mistakes with my english, I'm not feeling good because I'm sick and I'm tired, so better I do to bed! Bye!
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Testing my present *A*

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 28, 2010, 2:27 PM
I can't believe it, I have a Premium account for a month *___*!!!. I though I would never got one of this, it's exciting :eager:

My friend :icon3-keiko-chan-3: gave it to me as a present two days ago, I had no idea she was going to do it, it was a surprise :eyepopping:.

I REALLY appreciate it, you know it, I have no words (and I just told you in person^^). You are the best!!! :glomp:

So, first attempt doing a CSS, quite simple, but I will try to improve it... a little at least, someday XD but It's OK for now. So, soon I will try to write something more interesting^^U.

Hope you have a nice day and sorry for this no sense journal ¬¬U. I just wanted to test how it looked at the end.

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Spanish lower


Hello everybody!!!

I'm writing this journal to ask you for help. My friend :icongeniss: is doing commissions because of he needs to get money. You can know about his comission's prices here:…

He is a great boy, and a REALLY amazing artist, his art is pretty, with too many datails and very worked. He is a true PROFESSIONAL and with EXPERIENCE, you can be sure of it. If you comission him, you will not regret it, I swear. He's very kind and friendly, so do not hesitate to ask him about anything you would like him to draw for you, I'm sure he will do everything he can to make you happy with his work. I'm sure he would not have any problem about drawing fanart (for example:… or…), OC (original characer:…) or chibi (…). Just ask him!!! Although he's spanish, he understand english^^

Really I beg you, visit his gallery here: :icongeniss: If you like his work, please, comission him and write him if you have any question. Likewise, if you know someone who would like to comission him (because of his style or anything), write him a note or here in my journal, I will tell him anything you write me.

I don't use to write too many journals, as you know, but it's a special occasion, because of I really ADMIRE him, a lot, not just as artist but as person and friend too. I just wish he can get some comission thanks to my journal, it would make me really happy, so please, give him a chance and visit his gallery. I'll be very grateful if this jounal helps him


Hola a todos!!!

Estoy escribiendo este journal para pediros ayuda. Mi amigo :icongeniss: está haciendo comisiones porque necesita dinero. Puedes ver sus precios aqui:…

Es un gran chico y un VERDADERO artista, sus dibujos son preciosos, con muchisimos detalles y muy trabajados. Es un autentico PROFESIONAL y con EXPERIENCIA, puedes estar seguro seguro de ello. Si le pides una comision, no te arrepentirás, te lo aseguro. Es muy amable y simpatico, asi que no dudes en preguntarle sobre cualquier cosa que te gustaria que él dibujase para ti, estoy segura de que hara todo lo que este en su mano para que etes contento con su dibujo. Estoy segura ademas de que no tendria ningun problema en dibujaros fanarts (como por ejemplo:… o…), personajes originales vuestros (como:…) o chibis (…). Solo preguntadle!!

Os lo ruego, visitad su galeria aqui :icongeniss:. Si os gusta su trabajo, comisionadle y escribidle, si teneis alguna duda, por nota. Del mismo modo, si conoceis a lguien que pudiese estar interesado en pedirle una comision (por su estilo o por cualquier otra cosa), escribidle una nota o aqui en mi journal, yo le dire todo lo que comenteis.

No suelo escribir journales muy amenudo, ya lo sabeis, pero esta es una ocasión especial, porque lo ADMIRO muchisimo, ya no solo como artista (que se sale, hablando bestia), sino como persona y amigo. Solo espero que este journal le ayude para conseguir comisiones, me haria muy feliz si asi fuera, asi que, por favor, dadle una oportunidad y visitad su galeria. Me haria inmensamente feliz el saber que este journal le es de ayuda.
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Hello everybody!!!

I just wanted to write something new here, I'm bored XD.

I'm creating a blog, where I will surely upload only my no manga stuff (it seems like in this gallery were out of place...I have this feeling... don't know why). Maybe I will put a link here, when it be a bit more decorate (although, it is only in spanish rigth now, but I'm thinking about to translate all >< )... I would like to know how to use HTML codes and all that things, so I could personalizate more it by my own... OTL. I'm bad with computers.

I'm thinking about to do a Kiriban, should I? maybe I will do when I get 1.2345 view. Would you like me to do one?.

Also, I have been drawing a lot lately, seems like I'm in a good mode^^, that's good, I want to take advantage of it!! I have A LOT of fan art about "Soul Eater"...I just need to start with lineart...but.. I can't be bothered to do it XD. Same happens with "Eden of the East" (Higashi no Eden). I saw this anime and loved it, and like its first movie is on cinemas nowadays (in Japan, of course¬¬ ) I'm inspired thanks to it XD, so I also have many sketchs about that series that need to be finished alredy!!! Too much!!! XD.
It looks like inspiration also come to my no-manga drawings...and it's "forcing" me to use other preograms, like Photoshop, I'm doing a lot of effort for to improve with it (it is so good/have so many options...that confuse me >.<, and also to try a bit with OpenCanvas.

I think it's an stupid journal^^U. But I wanted to write something better than my last journal^0^. Right now I feel fine, it's not common in me XD.

Although I think I'm improving with english, I know I should to improve a lot more with it. So, sorry for mistakes and be patient with me, please. ^^b
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Long journal with grammatical mistakes, I warn you

I have not write since...Well, I can't remember XD. I am just to lazy to write here... (here, at my LJ...anywhere XD)

I just want to write here to give thanks for my 9.000 pageviews, I cant't belive I get this number, though I know it is not too much according with the time I have been here^^U.

Let's tell the TRUE, people don't like my drawings, there is something wrong in me, or my style. I think people don't like my art and I don't know if it's because I am doing something wrong (though I am happy with I draw, so, if people don't like it, I can't do anything, but it is just curiosity, nothing more). Although I am trying not to think too much about this, I cant to avoid to be a bit sad sometimes^^U.

I watch how people develop (better or wrong, I don't care, but the do) and, to me, I am not..."growing". I try to do different styles, but sometimes I think this case is that made my drawings looks bad, maybe is not good to draw, at the same time, manga and trying to create a more personal style (the style I used to illustrate my book. I have not upload a lot of things about this style here). Sometimes I think it would be better if I tried to draw only in a style, but then, I hit myself to think about it XD. I am happy drawing this things, and, lets tell the true, I am proud of myself to can draw (or at least to try it XD) different styles. All this problem is also making me think I should to create separete accounts, but I am not sure ^^U.

I have been thinking about it all this summer. I have been having troubles with myself, my inspiration go away, my hand did not draw when I wanted it to do, it was like my brain stoped and I could not do anything to change it. When I wanted more to drawn (in summer), I couldn't. It was like I was wasting my time. I was really sad and only could to cry and feeling... empty, can't explain properly, but I keep it to myself. I am not like this, I am always smiling and "happy" and, suddenly, I only could to be sad and to feel sorry for myself (yeah, I am THIS stupid. Nowadays I can't avoid to be sad sometimes, but I am trying to change, really I am, step by step, need to change my mind)

Oh, I was actually thinking about leavin DA and sometimes this idea back to my mind XD or not to drawn in a while. I know it is normal among artists (if I can be called like this), I am sure I saw it worse than it was, but well, that's myself

I am really happy with people that follow me or try to comment my drawings (and favs too), it is enough for me, and you, guys, are the best!!! thank you very much for supporting me, like, for example :iconhiyume-chan: who gave me publicity in her journal because she wanted to do it. She is really kind with me always^^. Thanks Hiyumee-chan!!! :hug:. But I can also mention :icondawnarts: :iconchibicaya: :iconajir: and more people, thanks a lot.

People also say to do fan arts, gives you famer, well, that's not my case XD and, of course, I DON'T do fan art to be famous. I do them because I feel like to do them. Fan art is not better than original, and original drawins are not better than fan arts, I think. They are differents way to express youself. Of course that's only my opinion^^U if you think different, I respect you for sure^^

Also, I want to thanks my friends, like :icon3-keiko-chan-3:, :iconyuemi22: (well she's my sis) or :iconreironie17: (though there is more people, of course) to try to encourage me (yeah, I have tried to have all this like a "secret", my problem I meant, but sometimes I just needed to tell someone about it. I feel ashamed of myself explaining my bullshit¬¬).


In other things, I ended my course satisfactorily. I'm happy to have know my classmates. Love you a lot!!!! you are the best!!! Don't change you!!!:
:iconc-chan86: :icondark-lu: :icongeniss: :iconhnl: :iconinoosh: :iconloth-chan: :icontxesco:

Mention also to my dear cosply group "Crossed Destinies", I am really happy to have know you personally. I want to meet you again!!!! Is a pity all them have nor DA, but well >.<:
:iconibu-ki: :iconjuliagranger: :iconmiyazawa-lulu: :iconshaykow: :icontifa-lock: and without da: Clow, Eriol, Hiro, Hikki-chan, Lestat and Feith. There I also meet to :iconaroa-hime:. Thank you very much, for to be all you, very kind with me^^

If I miss someone, let me know!!! >.< It's difficult to try to remind all your names for me XD

I know all this I have write have no sense, but I needed to write about it, thanks to read it^^
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Español más abajo^^ gracias por la traducción :icon3-keiko-chan-3:

So, there is few time left until classes start again, and I'm a bit...afraid^^U though I want to go back, I'm afraid about the danm final project and the computer design class (and FOL too). I hope all will be right (Wish me luck >_______< )

I want to go back to see my class fellowsand try to enjoy this year, since it's the last and surely will path will be different and we will never meet again, what makes me sad

I have the feeling that the last curse ended so soon and I didn't do all what I could have done...So this year I will do it!!!!

I do not know what to write right now^^U, I only wanted to tell that^^. Kises a lot!!!!!! :hug:


Ea, pues lo que digo, ya queda menos para volver a clase y he de decir que estoy un poco...acojonada^^U aunque a la vez tengo ganas de volver. Tengo miedo por lo del maldito proyecto final y las clases de informatica (y FOL también), aunque espero que todo vaya bien (deseadme suerte >_______< )

Quiero volver a clase para ver a mis compañeros e intentare disfrutar al maximo de este año con ellos, ya que es el último, y es muy probable que nuestros caminos se saperen por caminos muy dispares y no volvamos a vernos, lo que me da mucha pena...

Tengo la sensación de que el curso pasado se acabó muy pronto y tengo la impresión de no haberlo aprovechado al maximo... Asi que este toca!!!!!


Por si no lo sabiais (no se porque escribo esto... si seguro que solo lo van a leer dos o tres personas de las interesadas¬¬ ), el martes a las 15:00 es la presentación, asi que lo más seguro sera que empezemos el miercoles >.<. Ya sabeis que yo llegare seguramente a las y quarto, asi que esperadme o decid lo que sea a quien tengamos de tutor, yo que se...XD
Tengo muchas ganas de volver a veros los caretos XD. Y me debes un puleva o lo que sea, :icongeniss:, te he salvado el pescuezo XD

No se me ocurre nada más que escribir... solo queria avisar de algun modo a mis compañeros y poco más^^U. Muchos besos!!!!!! :hug:
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Spanish only, sorry

Pos weno... fui tageada, hace ya bastante tiempo^^U por :icon3-keiko-chan-3:, ya estas contenta¬¬?


Instrucciones del Tag:
Responder las preguntas que se le fueron asignadas y después de esto, hay que Taggear a tres personas mas y obligarlos contra su voluntad a responderlas y así va de usuario en usuario! Muahahaha!

* Yo tengo: ...esperanza en la vida^^U?
* Yo deseo: que se acabe pronto este TAG¬¬ es que es mu largo…>___<
* Yo odio: a quien me tageo¬¬ (nah, es broma XD)
* Yo escucho: la tele
* Yo tengo miedo: de las alturas altas XD (no miedo en si, más bien, respeto)
* Yo lloro: cuando veo una peli triste, dicese "La tumba de las luciernagas", lloro con ella como el primer dia TT________TT…
* Yo pierdo: los nervios cuando creo que no llego a tiempo a la fecha de entrega de algun trabajo >___<, por lo que parece, doy miedo en ese momento O.o
* Yo necesito: más vacaciones XD
* Yo le debo: infinita gratitud a la gente que ha estado a mi lado últimamente, que he estado un poco baja de animos por un problema familiar. Muchas gracias, os quiero un monton^0^!!!!!!
* Me duele: el estomago¬¬U

* ¿Tienes un diario?: cuenta mi memoria? es lo más cercano que tengo a uno XD.
* ¿Te gusta cocinar?: si, cuando me deja mi abuela, porque no me deja acercarme a la cocina ¬¬
* ¿Tienes un secreto que no le hayas contado a nadie?: a ti te lo voy a decir…¬¬
* ¿Crees en el amor?: no mucho…vena pesimista aflorando XD
* ¿Te bañas todos los días?: oye tu, un respeto, estas insinuando algo?????¬¬
* ¿Te quieres casar?: me gustaria, aunque visto como estoy ahora… dudo que lo haga XD, me encantaria formar una familia…
* ¿Te gustan las tormentas?: mmmmmmmm según como me pille de humor…

* ¿La persona más rara?: ahora no se me ocurre ninguna, pero alguna habrá…^^U
* ¿La persona más molesta?: mi hermana cuando le llega su turno de ordenador XD
* ¿La persona que te conoce mejor?: Supongo que Keiko-chan y mi hermana^^

* ¿La frase que más usas en el MSN?: XD (acompañado de icono)
* ¿Tu grupo favorito?: Hitomi Shimatani, TM Revolution…
* ¿Tu mayor deseo?: poder estar siempre con la gente que me quiere, aunque se que eso es imposible, asi que… quiero crear un monton de recuerdos con ellos y llevarlos siempre en mi corazón^^

* Signo: Aries airoso XD (el aburrimiento es muy malo vale?¬¬)
* Color de pelo natural: negro, muchas veces castaño oscuro con algun tono caoba (me dio miedo verme con ese tono en el sol O.o? Aunque en una foto salgo con reflejos azules, de verdad!!!! XD)
* Color de pelo que tienes: que ya lo he dicho¬¬ no me da la gana de repetirlo…
* Color de ojos: marron oscuro (aunque a veces se me aclaran O.o en ese caso seria tono ambar, según las CLAMP¬¬)
* Número favorito: 4, 8 y 7
* Día favorito: sabado, para poder descansar después de toooooooooda una semana de nervios…
* Mes favorito: Abril y Julio XD
* Estación del año favorita: Verano por las vacaciones XD aunque también primavera
* Deporte favorito: hacer el vago, soy malisima haciendo deporte, se me da fatal¬¬
* Deporte que quieres practicar: cuenta como deporte la danza del vientre? XD supongo que el badminton estaria bien…
* Café o té: No me gusta el café y el té… no lo he catado aun >____<
* Monte, playa o Montaña: Me da igual^^U
* Sol o Nieve: Ya paso aquí bastante calor, mejor frio, para variar^^U
* Niebla o Tornado: niebla, que los tornados son muy peligrosos… mu gores

* ¿Llorado?: nop, aunque casi lo hago leyendo un fic…
* ¿Ayudado a alguien?: …me estan ayudando, más bien^^U
* ¿Comprado algo?: me he quedado en casita, hoy no me han mandado ha hacer recados XD
* ¿Enfermado? : que yo sepa no O.o
* ¿Ido al cine? : videos en el ordenador XD
* ¿Salido a cenar? : aun no he cenado…pero creo que no saldre XD
* ¿Dicho "te amo"?: a no ser que tenga un doble, creo que no XD
* ¿Escrito una carta?: no, pero estoy escribiendo esto… eso cuenta?
* ¿Perdido a una novia?: no tengo novia, ni creo que la tenga, asi que no XD Lo que si he perdido es la peli de "La Novia Cadaver", asi que en cierta parte si que he perdido una novia (Dios, que malo es el aburrimiento XD)
* ¿Hablado con alguien que hace tiempo no hablabas?: con mi conciencia, me decia, no escribas este jounal…buuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh. Cuenta como hablar el msn???
* ¿Escrito en un journal? : esto es un Journal…no???
* ¿Tenido una conversación seria? : si, con mi familia. Aunque tengo ganas de charlar con mis amigos TT___TT
* ¿Perdido a alguien?: no, y ojala que no se de el caso^^U (ostras si!!!! "La Novia Cadaver" XD)
* ¿Abrazado a alguien?: a mi hermana y he dado un beso a todo mi familia X3
* ¿Peleado con un familiar?: no, aunque ya quedara poco, una vez al dia siempre toca XD
* ¿ Peleado con un amigo?: no, supongo que ayuda el hecho de vivir en una dimensión paralela o que viven "lejos", o de vacaciones, o que soy malisima para conectarme al msn o llamar por telefono (me da mucho corte)… aunque tengo ganas de charlar ya con ellos TT______TT
* ¿Soñado despierto?: sep, con series mangas XD
* ¿Chocado un auto?: no conduzco ni tengo canet, asi que supongo que no…

* ¿Comer un gusano?: si lo puedo evitar, no^^U
* ¿Matar a alguien?: no creo, por mucho que odiase a alguien…
* ¿Besar a alguien del mismo sexo?: un beso de amistad en la mejilla si^^U
* ¿Tener sexo con alguien del mismo sexo?: no me veo, paso XD.
* ¿Lanzarte de un paracaídas?: hubo un tiempo en el que creia que podria, pero ahora fijo que no, demasiado alto y peligroso XD
* ¿Cantar en un karaoke?: canto fatal, asi que no, aunque si lo haria con otra persona, yo sola no soy capaz^^U (si se hace el ridiculo, se hace bien XD)
* ¿Ser vegetariano?: si fuera necesario por problemas de salud no veo porque no, con fuerza de voluntad^^U además, la carne tampoco me fascina… soy rara…
* ¿Emborracharte?: no, definitivamente no, odio el alcohol
* ¿Robar en una tienda?: no, que luego me remuerde la conciencia >____<
* ¿Fumar?: no, soy sanota XD

Ea, ya esta, como hace poco ya hice otro tag (y un meme), esta vez no voy a tagear a nadie, que lo haga quien quiera^^

Muchos besos y nos leemos!!!!!!!!
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  • Reading: Samurais,ninjas y geishas^^U
  • Watching: This rectangle... I don't know what to write XD
  • Playing: Kindom Hearts II (need more level...&not;&not;)
  • Eating: Nothing, so far but I am hungry TT___TT
  • Drinking: Nothing
Spanish only, sorry TT_____TT I have no time to write a lot!!!!!Ò___Ó but... I am alive^^U

Aunque pueda parecer increible... estoy viva O.o si, lo estoy, y como me han tageado en esto (como en tantas otras cosas que tengo que buscar y hacerlas¬¬) pos aprovecho^^U

Fui tageada por :iconreironie17: ¬¬ muy fuerte, no me he dado cuenta hasta hoy de que me habias tageado¬¬. Me parece fatal!!!! En compensación, espero ver pronto tu Music Meme XD


Contesta a todas las preguntas.
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1) ¿Tienes más amigos en la net o en casa?
- En la vida real, con lo mala que soy para el ordenador y lo poco que me pongo en el tengo muchas amistades por ordenador. Lo normal es tener más en la vida real, digo yo...^^U

2) Si tuvieras la oportunidad, irías a un internado?
- Nop, paso, soy muy casera y familiar, lo pasaria fatal estando lejos de mi familia y amigos.

3) En caso afirmativo, ¿dónde te gustaría que estuviera?
- Pero no acabo de decir que no????

4) Una broma entre tú y tus amigos.
- Broma....pues se burlan de mi diciendo que vivo en una dimensión paralela dominada por telefonica con el padre de Yotsuba (no le busqueis logica, no la tiene, un dia les dio por esa tonteria O.o)

5) ¿Crees en Dios?
- Hayao Miyazaki, TM Revolution... tengo muuuuuuuuuchos XD

6) ¿Crees en Jesús?
- O.o Vaya pregunta... Pasopalabra^^U

7) ¿Y en el diablo?
- Si, son las CLAMP, tienen un poder demoniaco, van a dominar el mundo XD

8) ¿Crees en Santa?
- Seria un poco ridiculo que existiera un hombre gordo que va por la vida vestido de rojo montado en un carro tirado por un grupo de renos, unos de ellos con una linterna en la nariz XD. Pero supongo que seria bonito, sobre todo por los niños...que bonita la inocencia...^^

9) ¿Has estado enamorado?
- Si, de algun modo XD

10) ¿Te consideras incapaz de amar?
- Que va!!!! me encanta dar cariño y amor!!!! el problema es que nadie lo recibe del modo que me gustaria... O que no le gusto a la mayoria los chicos, les doy miedo...¬¬

11) ¿Cuantas mascotas tienes?
- Dos tortuguitas, Hera y Pegaso (como se nota que cuando me las regalaron acababa de salir la peli de Disney "Hercules"...asi que haceros una idea de cuanto llevan conmigo...^^U)

12) ¿Si pudieras escoger tu nombre cual sería?
- Me gusta el mio, pero por japo XD

13) ¿De qué te han llegado a etiquetar?
- De nerviosa, estresada... y de cosas horribles que han dicho gente que me odia, sin yo haberles hecho nada...¬¬

14) Si vivieras en un orfanato, ¿dónde estaría? (¿En un pueblo pequeño? ¿Una gran ciudad? ¿Otro país?)
- Jolines con las preguntitas!!!!, que no me gustan esas cosas (además, ya soy mayor de edad&¬¬ )
Pero, si se diera el caso, seguro que me tocaria en el que hay niños fantasmas psicopatas asesinos y eso no me gustaria nada TT_____TT soy muy asustadiza


:iconyuemi22:, :iconloth-chan:, :iconc-chan86:, y...todos los de mi clase, en definitiva!!!! que paso de escribir más nombres, que me da pereza XD

En el proximo journal actualizare mis amigos y clubes, que estoy escasa de tiempo^^U

Ea, ya esta, ahora a buscar los TAGS que me quedan^^U. Nos leemos devianeros XD!!!!!!
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Buenas, por fin me da por poner el journal (es que me daba pereza^^U)

Como es el primero que hago no se que escribir, solo darles las gracias a todos aquellos que me visitan, que me hacen muy muy feliz con sus palabras de ánimo. También mando un saludo a los futuros visitantes, BIENVENIDOS! la galeria no es para tanto, pero espero que os guste y me comenteis vuestra opinión.

Nos vemos!!!!!!

Proximamente pondré un comic que hice de seis páginas, que espero que os guste


Greetings, finally I put the journal (I am lazy ^^U)

Like this is the first time that I do one I do not know what to write, I only want to thank those that visit to me, You make me very very happy with your kind words . I also greet future visitors, WELCOME! the gallery is not very good, but I hope that you like it and you write me your opinion.

See you again!!!!!!

Next will put a comic that I did of six pages, I hope you like it


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